Saturday, August 4, 2012

#GBE2 Unexpected

GBE2: Unexpected

I prefer to be spontaneous over planned. That's why I think I say or post inappropriate things

tasteless, tacky things. Nobody sees it coming, lest of all myself lol

this Bartender was promised fame in my blog, so here you go hon...

On an unexpected 2 week visit from my Boy (far right) his friend (far left) was in a rafting accident and her friend drowned. The memorial was yesterday. She was 16. Prayers for her family. The harshest imaginable circumstance to feel unexpected grief. God Bless.

I never know what to expect, really. I hate for life to become mundane or predictable.

My goofball facebook friends! 

Whenever someone unexpectedly hijacks a conversation, I'm slightly miffed. Oh wait, I go off topic .

Gaining back the weight! That was quite unexpected!~

whenever Any romance shows up it is Unexpected!

It's unexpected i did a blog, on topic and on time! Ha!


  1. Holy Moly...ON TOPIC AND ON TIME!
    I really have to go take some meds now...and it was also funny!

  2. You are one of a kind, Kimmy! Glas to see you blogging and so sorry about your son's friend. Raftin can be so dangerous.

    1. Thanks Linda! Glad his friend survived but harsh about her friend.

  3. And did a damm good job of it...