Friday, August 31, 2012

#GBE2 Peace of Cake

WEEK #67  Peace
GBE2 Group Blogging Experience is a weekly bloggin group hosted by Grace! I'm grateful!
This week's topic is PEACE.



I live in a peaceful town in Oregon. Surrounded by beauty. Really how could anyone not feel in a constant state of bliss here.

However.... my own thoughts disrupt my peace.
I’ve had a lot of issues to ‘let go’ of. The kind that could make a person  bitter. I had to get from “may they burn in hell” to “forgiveness schmivness” to “eh *shrug*”
Another peace breaker: I’m never satisfied. I constantly need change and growth.  Ten projects is better than being stuck in one job forever.

This confuses me.

I am still seeking peace.....I continue to seek it. In my mind it is just around the corner. So close I can almost touch it.

Letting go of random no-fault pain. My boy lives with his dad. I can’t let that pain kill my joy. I miss him and could go nuts over it but “eh *shrug*” He'll be here for a visit soon...

Be grateful for what I do have. My self. My character.
My reputation. My sparkling personality. :D A good relationship with my teen. A great job, great friends, health, so many blessings to count.


Be grateful for what I don’t have.
A husband who’s wrong for me, or a boss who secretly (or openly) hates me.
Hope for what I will have. Someday, a love of my own.
More time spent with my son, maybe take some trips to far off lands. Success in my career.
Future plans that work out. Just like Dori, i just keep swimming.

That's a peace of my mind!

Life is a peace of cake!
Or is it a Piece of peace cake?
Peace out!



  1. Interesting read. Que sera sera whatever will be will be.. know the song? :) I always say don't sweat the small stuff. Peace is within.

    1. Que sera sera... yep good philosophy. True dat! Thanks Tikulicious! <3

  2. a very nice read. Just like Dori, I keep swimming made me smile. All the best and may your dreams come true.

  3. I would love a piece of peace cake and I really like this one! ♥♥

    No more captcha!

  4. I had no idea i had a captcha. Eww! Thanks Jo! lol

  5. I'm not sure we're supposed to find peace. I think we're supposed to keep learning and keep growing. But I do think we can find contentment, and I wish that for you.