Saturday, July 14, 2012

What One Woman Wants: The List

Boys Vs. Girls. The battle rages on.. or does it?


MythBusting: What Women Want.

There's been a lot of confusion as to what women want. due, partly to the Women's Movement, but mostly, to us not knowing what the hell we want. So I have been thinking lately of my "List". The List is a simple way a woman can construct her ideal mate. You simply make a list of all the qualities they should have, and by putting it out there to the universe, the person magically appears.

It's based on part fantasy, part desperate attempt to not attract anyone remotely like the Ex. In the past, my list was too short. Be employed and taller than me: don't cheat. That was it.

 #1 on my list is "be kind". Nuff said.

#2 is Be Into Me!! I'm so sick of the apathetic "cool" types who can't be bothered to call let alone take me out on a date. . Don't just hint that it's okay to come over cuz you're home watching tv.  And if you're passing a store, can you bring some beer? Court me! We want to be pursued...

#3 Open the Pickle Jar.  It's a myth that women don't want you to open the door, give us the last seat on the bus, pay the check. Be a gentleman. In my book, the more guy stuff you do for me, the more girl stuff you get a credit for. You change my oil? Your favorite home made cookies. You do a home repair, I cook an amazing meal.  If I'm stranded in a broken down car on the side of the road, I do expect you to rescue me, even if you just stay on the phone with me til the tow guy arrives. However if you come and literally rescue me...
you get birthday sex when it's not your birthday.

#4 Don't be too fit. Fitness buffs intimidate me. Be healthy and active but don't be vain about it.

Myth: Women are Emotional
Fact: Humans are Emotional

#5 Emotional Maturity. Be able to handle your emotions, balance them, deal with them. Admit you have more emotions then just "anger".  Society tries to limit the range of emotions a guy can have. If a guy falls for it, he's not being authentic.

I have about 30 things on my list so far... stuff like
  • supports my goals
  • loves my son
  • good kisser
  • above average sense of humor
  • several inches taller than me
  • pro 420

  • does not smell like cigarette smoke....

(Got to wrap it up its a blog, not a book. )

He can't be a Dick....

did I mention he should be into me?

Tell me what gender myths you've busted in your relationships? Did you write a list? Did it work?

Peace & Love. FCL


  1. my number one is HE CAN'T BE A DICK! lol

  2. I think that is a very realistic list!
    Now, me, I had a list and my forever man does not have one single thing from that list, except he did have a job!
    Thirty years of training, however have resulted in him having almost every single thing I wanted and thought I needed.

    It's a process this man-training thing.

  3. Fixer uppers, huh? I hear you, we like a project. Glad it workd out Jo! <3

  4. Hummm call me a dick for this... but what I want is to not have "birthday sex" as a reward for some task that I would do as a matter of course... but to have birthday sex because she wants too... being desired is the best thing on the planet.

  5. if you do those tasks as a matter of course, you're probably not a dick. i was thinking of an ex who refused to do guy tasks. he was a dick.

  6. my own list has changed over time. These days lets go for do not be psycho, do not compare me to every guy you have dated. Let m be me. oh, and it helps if you are not so hideous you scare puppies and little kids. That is creeping in on my territory...

  7. It's been so many years since I was out there...I don't think I had a list. It's a good list you have, tho. ;-)

  8. I never had a list, but were I to make one, my hubby would ace pretty much all of it. :O)