Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fresh Thoughts on Judgement

Judgement is a word that has a bad wrap. We aren't supposed to judge, but that's like not breathing.

Judgement: what's the big deal?
Let's focus on the positives. It keeps us on the up and up. We are our own worst critics? That's judgement. Ethics? Yup, I gots um. That's self-judgement.
For example, one of my self judgements is I'm too chubby and out of shape. I always am dieting. I'm not fit enough, so that, to me is self judgement, for a positive change.
I'm pretty sure the other blogs will say bad things about judging others, and well, i guess that is frowned upon. Only God should judge, blah blahbiddy blah...
I wish I was on her jury.
The word "judge" pairs as well with "Judge Judy" as with "good judgement".
I'm big on good judgement. It reminds me of another favorite: personal responsibility. It's like so much better than "judge not lest you be judged" I mean, who says 'lest' any more?
Aren't we trusting others good judgement when we listen to a doctor, a therapist, a teacher or a life coach? yes.
We judge the decades (my fave is the 70s) we judge on ALL the reality shows. They literally get voted off: reality shows are a testiment to society's love of JUDGING.
Peace out!


  1. I agree--wanting to or not, we all pass judgment. Hopefully we don't hold others to a higher standard that we expect from ourselves (and don't expect some ridiculous perfection from ourselves while being understanding of another's shortcomings), but judgmental thoughts of one degree or another come automatically. Really, even when we compliment someone--that is a judgment, too.

  2. Very nice. It was short with good points to ponder. Thanks Jeanne

  3. Yes, we do judge. It happens all day every day. From deciding which shop has the best coffee to which tomato would taste best in tonight's chili! Great write Kimi!

  4. Yes, there is a fine line between bad judging and good judging, but, like you say, there is such a thing as good judging. And, I'm guilty as can be for loving reality TV. "Your tribe has spoken".

  5. You neglected to include the word 'prejudice' ;-)

    It is natural and as with many things in nature there is a "light" side and a "dark" side. The difference lay in what you do with it...

  6. Mom's third favorite saying ... "That's a judgment call dear."
    Good post. I've got coffee, but can you get me back to the west coast?

  7. Short and to the point and utterly brilliant!


  8. Thanks for sharing this with us in The Positivity Group!

    Everyone judges but it truly is a waste of time...

    I suppose the word, "Discernment" to judging just because it has better connotations, but that too is a judgment! LOL!

    Los to think about here, Kim!

  9. That was supposed to be I 'prefer' the word Discernment!

  10. I cannot disagree with one well chosen word and well written word here, but I would say that I see a huge difference between judging people and judging things. A difference, also, between judging people and judging whether or not I want them in my life. Just sayin'.....
    Very well done.

  11. I get very uncomfortable around people who are quick to judge. I can't stand it. I also hate teh word "evidently"

  12. I agree with EG. We all judge people, philosophies, people's beliefs etc. Just because we have those thoughts doesn't mean we have to verbalize them. That's the key for me. Think it, don't say it. Good blog!