Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fresh Thoughts on Judgement

Judgement is a word that has a bad wrap. We aren't supposed to judge, but that's like not breathing.

Judgement: what's the big deal?
Let's focus on the positives. It keeps us on the up and up. We are our own worst critics? That's judgement. Ethics? Yup, I gots um. That's self-judgement.
For example, one of my self judgements is I'm too chubby and out of shape. I always am dieting. I'm not fit enough, so that, to me is self judgement, for a positive change.
I'm pretty sure the other blogs will say bad things about judging others, and well, i guess that is frowned upon. Only God should judge, blah blahbiddy blah...
I wish I was on her jury.
The word "judge" pairs as well with "Judge Judy" as with "good judgement".
I'm big on good judgement. It reminds me of another favorite: personal responsibility. It's like so much better than "judge not lest you be judged" I mean, who says 'lest' any more?
Aren't we trusting others good judgement when we listen to a doctor, a therapist, a teacher or a life coach? yes.
We judge the decades (my fave is the 70s) we judge on ALL the reality shows. They literally get voted off: reality shows are a testiment to society's love of JUDGING.
Peace out!