Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Love #GBE2

for this weeks GBE2.
First Love

When I was in junior high, (that’s what they used to call Middle School) I was left alone to live with my dad. Which, being the seventies, meant I was pretty much left to raise myself. This was for my seventh, eighth and ninth grades. The only time a boy came to the door, ready to ask if I could play, my dad made sure he scared him into never coming back again. That guy was just a friend! Then when the real boyfriend came along, he just snuck in the back yard to my window. Heh heh.

But during this time, my dad made sure I got my 3 meals daily. But that didn't mean he cooked them. Especially breakfast. Before the divorce, he would make pancakes and bacon every Saturday. The smell of bacon is a memory of before i didn’t know we weren’t intact. Anyway, we would go to my grandma’s house for breakfast, before he would drop me off at school. Or we would eat at the Longhouse. That set the stage.

In high school, my friends and I would meet at a little place that reminded me of that Longhouse. in Seacliff. The fun of hanging with your friends before school ordering bacon, eggs and hash browns, and slathering jelly on toast is just a really cool way to start the day.

This love caught fire when I discovered “brunch”. That’s when it blossomed from a puppy love to an infatuation. Eggs Benedict awakened senses I was previously unaware I had. The hollandaise made me feel all giddy and the Italian bacon, muffins, fresh fruit, coffee. Real butter. joy!

Zachary’s made the BEST buttermilk muffins and they’d let me custom order my plate. Eggs scrambled with spinach, mushrooms and swiss. The orange juice was fresh squeezed too. The great coffee, long time staff and mix of college students and oddball locals only added to the experience. See why I don’t believe in cereal for breakfast? lol
I’m older now and we’ve settled into a comfortable routine. The greasy spoon type cheap coffee and fake-butter places on the weekends. (Pilot Butte Drive-In is a longtime favorite. They put the most yummy gravy on the hash browns.. don’t worry, i get it on the side lol).

The fancy Mimosa type places for Mother’s Day or my birthday. Or when I want to feel special. McKay cottage today was an outdoor seating delight with the fresh fruit side dish as overflowing with berries as the coffee carafe was offered to be refilled. Tried a non-traditional Benedict that had bacon and spinach and red peppers too. It was delightful. Look:
I hope you enjoyed this journey with my first love: going out to breakfast!


  1. See, now I just want eggs benedict! :p

  2. I'm weird (no surprise there, right?). I hate going out for breakfast because when I get up, I'm already hungry. Hungry-hungry, not take a shower, get dressed and ready to go out, drive somewhere, order and then wait kind of hungry, but gimme some food hungry!

    I did love going out to breakfast with my friends in high school, though. Big fat slices of french toast with a side of ham. Damn, that was good stuff!

  3. i LOVE YOUR MIND...hehe what GREAT memories shared..i could smell the bacon and LOVE the ambiance of that outside man...i mean seating : )

    do you an your dad get out for brkfst for old times sake? LOVE brkfst..but funny...only really "celebrated" when on vacation. We have this little hole in the wall up north i just LOVE..this made me all fuzzy!! : )

  4. This sounds good. I'm kinda hungry now. ;)

    --Diana Jillian

  5. Too funny.....First Love = FOOD! BTW, I agree with you about the Pilot Butte Drive Inn. Wish we hadn't moved so far away from it!

  6. What lovely memories. I enjoyed how you find love in eggs, bacon, jelly toast and coffee, my favorites too.

  7. OMG! I found you, my fellow ex-myspacer. Glad to see you are still writing. I have taken a break but I am now writing again. I missed it and y'all while I have been gone.