Monday, August 30, 2010


Something I wrote in 2002:

I used to watch dolphins leap gracefully,

now it's just the old man, the kids and TV.

I once was alive, vibrant—outspoken;

now I'm all pudgy, put-out and broken.

I could have been famous; I could have been rich,

but I went for "happiness" and wound up with this.

I've learned how to cook and to tone myself down;

My ambitions forgotten, my eyes cast to the ground.

I focus my energy on staying alive and awake,

trying to sleep more and eat less--drink water and stretch.

How can I flourish when I don't have time to pee?

The donut that tempts me, the staying up late

is enough to age me my years times three.

I paint my nails to distract from the pounds.

Hey if you don't' like it, my husband still does.

My kids who come first in my heart and my life,

This is what I signed on for; it's just being a wife

I learned how to cook and keep passable house

and I get to have meaning, a car and a house.

Of course it's hard work and stresses abound,

But at least I have someone, and a ring, and a gown.

We can keep each other through the thick and the thin

and to the outside, they'll presume we win.

They'll see success where we see just stress

and we'll envy them and they'll envy us

and we all wish we were still single and free

but, hey, all singles want marriage, and

someday they'll be.

~kimi reyes

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