Tuesday, April 13, 2010

word of mouth

Good morning! I have nothing to say so I'll start with a 'where I'm at' update.
Fresh Coffee Lover is my name, blogging was my game.
Right now, I am harried and behind! I got tossed with the economy and have been trying to recover for the past three years. I have got my tuckus back in school (yay!) and I have a position as a Realtor (finally) so that is good. I like everything going on a lot better then the entire 'poverty' thing. I have the pleasure of being in two Communications classes and one Short Story class through Portland State online. Then I took a Reporting class at the local community college, C.O.C.C. I am over 40 and in a relationship and a mom with a teenage son, an ailing dad, a step son, and an ailing step-dad to worry about. I don't like to worry, it's wasted energy, but then I would have very little interaction with them. I have an old car, a rental house, a boyfriend's dog and some online relationships and some very good IRL friends. I want to add to this mess, daily exercise and a 4.0 GPA. I would settle for 100% attendance and homework turning in, which I'm about half way there. Ugh. Have a great Tuesday! I have a dentist appt today to fix a broken molar. Yep.

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