Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when donkey's fly

Flying pigs represent pork with gravity defying skills. The unlikely sight of pigs in flight is not any more impossible than a bumble bee flying.

Here are some examples I found of pigs flying

end of segregation...

CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Pictures, Images and Photos
women got the vote..... When pigs fly.

WOMENS SUFFERAGE Pictures, Images and Photos
They took away our alcohol once.. we thought that wasn't right so we said, when pigs fly!


which will eventually lead us to this nancy reagan


think Nancy Reagan pictured

The First Lady Nancy Reagan Pictures, Images and Photos

our current first lady lookin like this? daamn!


Lol they said we'd have a black president when pigs fly, and obama was elected.. what happened?
Swine flu
to me 'when pigs fly' really translates into: a breakthrough
a paradigm shift in our 'reality' or thinking.
flat Pictures, Images and Photos

(imagine the convsation to get the first funding to "sail around the world" was met with "when pigs fly!")

Some day we'll visit other worlds
Lost in Space Pictures, Images and Photos
(say it with me...) when pigs fly
some day we'll have world peace.

Even if pigs must fly. or donkeys
Kiss My Grits Pictures, Images and Photos

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